For Eddy + Wolff to comply with the Queensland Government – Stage 3 easing of restrictions, We kindly ask the following of you:

  1. Please maintain 1.5 meters distance, adhere to marks on the floor to maintain social distancing.
  2. No more than 16 customers dininginside the restaurant. Adhering to the 2sqm rule for our venue size.
  3. If eating in, please sit in the designated area only.
  4. If eating in, please sign the Government contact information register. (Your name, address and phone number will on file for 56 days and kept confidential)
  5. Should you feel unwell or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, Please DO NOT enter the restaurant.
  6. Sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue, or ones elbow
  7. Avoid shaking hands or engage in unnecessary physical contact.
  8. Our pink booth seating area is prioritised for larger group bookings, guests requiring wheelchair or pram access. You can request this area, however cannot be confirmed until your arrival. We will endeavour to accommodate this request as best we can.



Eddy + Wolff reserve the right to refuse service and respectfully ask anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 to leave.

For Eddy + Wolff to survive as a business during these ever changing times and for you to have the best possible dining experience we kindly ask all guests:

  1. To dine with our new, Pick Your Own Set Menu
  2. Please be patient and allow our wonderful staff prepare and serve you during the easing-stage over the following months. This will ensure enough time to adhere to sanitising requirements put in place by the Government for everyone’s safety.
  3. Please contact us if the number of people decrease, so we can fill your unattended seats as soon as possible. As a small business we kindly ask for your understanding that we need to maximise our permitted 16 people for our venue size.

Thank you for your support,

Eddy + Wolff

Please note we can only hold your table for 15mins from your reservation time.

Call 0481838433 if you are unable to make your reservation, this will allow us to kindly accommodate other waiting guests.

No highchairs available.


Due to our small space we can only accommodate one group booking of 5 up to 10 people each night on our pink suede booth. When booking this number of people, all seated guests are required to dine by our amazing Lucky 8 menu and book the later seating time of 745pm This will ensure that you have more time to enjoy the evening.

Please advise any dietary requirement as we will be more than happy to cater to your dietary needs.