Our Story


We want to take you way back to where we came from, a time we are most reminiscent of. Yes we were born in Vietnam but when we are asked the question, “where do you guys come from?”, we say, “Canberra!”. It runs in our veins, our parents, our childhood, our friends, our favourite 90’s music and everything we ate at family gatherings rings true to us.

Our story of Eddy + Wolff means so much to us.
Thao: I grew up on Eddy Cres
Vien: And I grew up on Wolff Cres.
Its where we met and when our journey all began. This is why we created this place so we can all meet you here.
Imagine a small bar in Asia, whether it be Japan or Hong Kong. Off the beaten track meaning somewhere where you wouldn’t think you’d find us. A place you’d step into and feel like it’s not something that’s on the Gold Coast.

A cosy intimate space that transports you into another time, that will immerse you in flavours that are true and authentic, full of heart and soul from everything we loved eating growing up in Canberra and from our travels from all over Asia.
Our space will allow you to reminisce about your old school days from the music we play or your travels to Asia from the flavours in our dishes, we would like you to feel a sense of belonging, a connection that will take you back to where we ‘all’ came from.


We are so fortunate to have grown up most of our lives in Australia. Having only arrived here when we were both too young for school, and fresh off the boat from Vietnam, our family clung onto our new found freedom and instilled in us the value of hard work and most of all the power to fight for your dreams.

At a time that should’ve pushed us in another direction, we left our family nest and started to travel. Only having been to Melbourne for the first time in 2014, gave us a new lease on our destined journey. This opened the doors for us into becoming real foodies and opened our eyes to a world that was always under our noses but never seen in a light that we see it today.

If this is the first time you have heard about us, you’ll have to go and visit our first restaurant, Can Tho Kitchen Bar in Runaway Bay. That was about our parents journey but Eddy + Wolff is about our Journey.